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Type W3 Floor Box

The CUBS Type W3 is the largest of the W series floor boxes. The main design is to provide power, communications, data, air, water, and full drain system into one floor box.

The W3 Floor Box comes with three (3) hinged locking covers. Two covers give access to the electrical compartments and the third cover gives access to the wet section. The wet section supports both water and air supplied complete with valves and quick connects for both.

The W series floor boxes are designed from 356-T6 cast aluminum for strength and its light characteristics. The enclosures are built from 304 stainless steel with all of their seams fully welded to insure that water does not enter or leave the floor box in any places that it is not designed to go.

There are three drains in the W3 floor box. One (1) 2" stainless steel drain in the electrical section and one (1) 3" stainless steel drain in the wet section. Depending on local plumbing codes, there could be a third drain, a 2" Aux. drain in the wet section.

Please view the pictures and drawings to get a good understanding of this floor box. Do not be too concerned about the interior device layouts, we will design them for your clients requirements. If you are not too sure with what will be needed on your project, we can always assist you with the best requirements based on the facilities base usage.

Factory Pre-Wired Insert

Factory Wiring

Standard Insert Wiring

W3 View with Insert

W3 Enclosure Full View

W3 Top View of Enclosure

Wiring of Device Center

W3 Wet Section

W3 Air/Water/Drain Section

W3 Enclosure Bottom View

W3 Enclosure Side View

Pallet stacked with W3 Enclosures

Type W3 Cover

Type W3 Cover Wet Section Open

Type W3 Covers Open


Door Floor Box

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