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Type M Floor Box

The CUBS Type M floor box is 18" X 18" x 24" deep. The cover is a lift-out cast 356-T6 aluminum that supports 32,000 pound loads with a 2X safety factor (64,000 pounds), retractable flush stainless steel handle, and (2) cable access doors with friction hinges.

The ENCLOSURE is 304 stainless steel fully welded at all seams to insure that it is water tight from above or below. The bottom of the enclosure supports a 1.5" stainless steel Aux. drain extending four inches below.

The device INSERT is 304 stainless steel and is custom designed for each application to provide the power and low voltage requirements for the project. Barriers are provided between power sections and low voltage sections. The device plate is removable for part replacements.

This floor box is capable to even support wet applications, 1/2" or 3/4" water supply and up to 3" main drains.

The CUBS Type M floor box is good for either in-grade applications or above grade applications.

Please review the drawings attached in the slide show.

Floor Box Insert Wiring

Type M Floor Box Interior

Type M Floor Box Cover

Type M Floor Box Enclosure

Type M Interior

Type M floor box

Type M Floor Box Cover

Augusta Tee Center M

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