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Exterior Floor Boxes

By great demand CUBS has designed Exterior Floor Boxes that are used in areas where temporary power is required. For years Architects and Engineers have been looking to put both power and communications in exterior open areas where their customers will require services for Kiosks, facility services, special events, and security screening. In the past, extension cords were taped to the floor that caused a safety problem. Either the cords got ripped up, some one tripped over them, or they would have problems trying to get equipment over them.

There seemed to be nothing on the market for exterior floor box power applications. That is not the fact now. CUBS has just introduced two styles of floor boxes that are exterior rated for just this use.

The square floor box that can support up to eight (8) single gang devices, either power, communications, or both. For those that want a different and more state of the arts look we introduced the Pull-Up Floor Box, sort of a round peg in a square hole (this will make sense once you see the product). This Pull-Up box also supports up to eight (8) single gang devices. During a non-use period the floor box is flush with the finished concrete grade. When in use the locking cover is pulled up and locked into position allowing access to both power or low voltage devices. When in use the devices only raise 6" above the grade and the round cover acts as a hood to protect the receptacles. The cover is round to protect anyone from coming into contact with a 90 degree corner, in fact, there are no corners.

These Exterior Floor Boxes are made of the finest 304 stainless steel. They can be installed in-grade or above grade. Each floor box has a 1.5" Aux. drain (just in case) welded into the bottom of the box. When closed the boxes are water tight. When open , well they are open, but we have taken all of the necessary precautions to make sure that they pass any water that should get into the box.

Please review the pictures and drawings and see if one of these Exterior Floor Boxes will work for your application and your customer's needs.

Square Exterior Floor Box Closed

Square Exterior Floor Box Open

Pull-Up FB Top View

Pull-Up FB Closed

Pull-Up FB Open

Pull-Up FB Device Area

Side view complete wall box  

Wall Plate 8g

download the CAD file

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Pull Up Box

download the CAD file

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