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Distribution Box

CUBS has designed a Distro-Box for floor box applications. This Distro-Box is used to assist in the set up and tear down for assemblies at convention centers.

We have spent years designing floor boxes and in approving the usage of these floor boxes. After some observations on the way a facility gets ready for a new show, we found that there are two facts every convention center share.

Fact 1: Almost 90% of the exhibitors at each show only require a simple 120V outlet for their booth.

Fact 2: The personnel setting up for the show spend a lot of time laying out these 120V receptacles for the exhibitors and even more time installing them.

With these facts in mind, we have designed the Distro-Box. This box supplies six (6) duplex Edison style receptacles above grade level for easy access to the exhibitors as they arrive to set up their booths. Each 20A receptacle is individually protected with a 20A circuit breaker.

The Distro-Box connects to the 30A 4P 5W 120/208V twist-lock receptacle in the nearest floor box and supplies easy accessible power to the vendors. To make it even faster to set up, we have designed the Distro-Box to be stored inside the floor box. This saves not only storage of these boxes, but saves all the time to gather the boxes and distribute them throughout the convention center. Now the facility electrician (or anyone you assign) can just take the exhibitor list and walk around the convention center and pull out the Distro-Box as required.

Setting up and tearing down between shows is a big expense for the facility. Every short cut will save the facility both in time and manpower, simple cost savings, the Distro-Box, "A Better Mouse Trap?".

Distro-Box Outlets

Distro-Box outlets & Breakers

A Better Mouse Trap?