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Combined Utilities Box Systems, Inc.
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Custom Design Work

Over the years our Architects and Engineers have come to CUBS to design special custom devices that they need to complete their designs but found that the parts they need are not made to fit the applications required.

CUBS has the design team and the ability to make these one of a kind parts that help complete the special applications.

We have made custom instrument 316 stainless steel racks, down rigger fittings for SCUBA power sleds, battery brackets, electrical pedestals, custom enclosures, fixture brackets, panel racks, food service racks, rubber mat stencils, insulated electrical cable hooks, ceiling panels, mouse doors, (doggie-doors), through-hole floor boxes, custom floor hatches, etc. We rarely say no, we enjoy the challenge.

If you have an application or a design that will assist you in completing your project but can not find the item made anywhere, call us and we will go out of our way to make sure that your design becomes a reality.

Instrument Stand

SS Battery Bracket

Custom Insert Back Wiring

Custom Insert Front

Custom Low Voltage Sections

Front Device Plate

Wire Side of Insert

200a Company Switch Breaker Section

High Power Cam-Lock Details

Low Voltage Section

200A Cam-Lock Section

Custom Wall Box


Finished Wall Panel