J. Gary Lowe
Combined Utilities Box Systems, Inc.
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Moorpark, CA, 93021 USA
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Combined Utilities Box Systems

Combined Utilities Box Systems (CUBS) has been manufacturing custom floor boxes for almost 20 years. Our products are so advanced that we have set the standards for all floor boxes supplied today.

Floor boxes are a very permanent installation, in fact, they are cast into concrete floors. That is the reason we only use the highest quality materials to construct the CUBS floor boxes.

Our covers are made of 356-T6 aluminum, light to handle and can support 32,000 pound loads with a 2x safety factor.

Our enclosures are fabricated from 304 stainless steel. If they are to go into your floor they should be the best materials for the application.

All of our floor boxes are UL Listed for a complete working and installed assembly. All of these boxes are made in the United States.

Uses of floor boxes are Convention Centers, Malls, Schools, Factories, Plazas, Hospitals, Market Areas, and just about anywhere an Architect or Engineer needs them.

Floor boxes are not our only products. We manufacture all type of special boxes that are used to solve the problem that you always find, but no one makes, in construction.

Call us, tell us your application, and we will see if we have something to solve that niche.